Angharad and Brandon


I would like to firstly apologise for the long delay in saying thank you for such an amazing day (July 28th)!!! We had written a card for you, but it got lost somewhere between our stuff from the Brunei move and then we moved to London not long after the wedding...!!

But now things have settled down a bit, I'd like to say how grateful we were for your fantastic venue service, comparing (Jamie), catering and wine advice and so much of your personal touch before, during and after the wedding.

Our guests from Oz and NZ said how much they valued the Welsh hospitality, which was mainly down to all of you at Pencoed. All of our guests said it was one of, if not, the best weddings they had been to.

I know it is cliched, but it really was up there as one of the best days in our lives!! You even ordered the weather for us!!

So thank you so so much and please don't change anything you're doing, as that is why you are so unique.

Best wishes,

Angharad and Brandon xx