Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

In planning your wedding you will probably be looking for that one key wedding ceremony idea that makes each part of the ceremony perfect. There are a lot of questions you may be asking about the schedule, seating, music, and typical etiquette that surround the ceremony itself. When you have finished reading the tips below you will be ready to plan a wedding ceremony that everyone will remember.

I have heard that a wedding should start thirty minutes after the scheduled time, is this true?
Contrary to what you may have heard, it is never cool to make your guests wait for your ceremony to begin. The practice of asking guests to arrive before you are going to actually start the ceremony is intended to account for those guests who are habitually late. However, being late to your own ceremony is very rude to the guests who have shown enough respect to show up on time. Don't do it.

How can I make my guests comfortable while they are waiting for me?
There will be several instances where you guests have to simply wait around for the next part of your special day, for example when you are taking the wedding photos after the ceremony but before the reception is scheduled to begin. Be aware that people will get restless during these times, and plan ahead by providing cold beverages and refreshments for those who are not part of the ceremony itself.

Do I need to play traditional wedding music at my wedding?
No, although there are several songs that are the most commonly played for the processional, you are free to choose your own music. However, make sure your selections are tasteful and appropriate for the significance of the event. Avoid modern music and stick to tasteful classical music instead. (Note: Classical music does not include the soundtrack from The Godfather!)

My friend plays the piano very well; can I ask her to play at my ceremony?
Be careful asking your friends to do you favours for the wedding. Although your friend might be delighted to play for you as a wedding gift, some people will feel put on the spot and won't know how to say no politely. Approach this kind of situation delicately, and offer to pay for her services up front. Make it very clear that you will not be offended if she declines.
As you can see, each wedding ceremony idea above will help you plan a ceremony that is enjoyable for everyone and makes your guests feel comfortable and happy. Start on time, and make sure your guests are not standing around in 95 degree heat with nothing to drink while they are waiting for you. It is OK to accept favours from your friends, but be sure not to be pushy in asking for them. Now that you have read these important tips, you are ready to plan a beautiful ceremony for your special moment.